Advanced education, frontier research and innovation: this is The BioRobotics Institute of Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, founded in 2011. With time the Institute has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise in several fields of biorobotics and bionics, such as medical robotics, wearable technologies, collaborative robotics, bioinspired robotics, neuroscience robotics, rehabilitation robotics and implantable technologies.
The Institute promotes the internationalization of didactics and scientific research through collaboration with the most prestigious international knowledge centers. The Institute aims to educate engineers that are scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and problem solvers.

Our mission is based on three pillars:

The BioRobotics Institute has also activated an Educational Robotics program with schools in Tuscany, Italy. The program aims at bringing technology and robotics in schools and using them as a new instrument for teaching scientific and technical subjects.