Brair Lab

Brair Lab

BRAIR Lab (BRAin-Inspired Robotics Laboratory) carries out research on brain models for motor control, sensory-motor coordination, and cognition in autonomous robots.  The underlining idea is that cognitive abilities, in the same way as they work in humans and other living beings, would help the new-generation robots to be coherent, persistent in behaviour and aware of themselves and the environment.
Cognitive models require the integration of neurophysiology, neuroscience, developmental studies, and artificial intelligence with robotics. At the same time, such robotic implementations contribute to experimental validation of the biological models. They give the possibility not only to describe biological solutions through biomimetic technologies but, more importantly, to explain why the biological solutions have been shaped the way they are. To this end, we also seamlessly combine brain-inspired models with the embodied intelligence of soft robots.



1) What is the BRAin-Inspired Robotics Laboratory?

The BRAin-Inspired Robotics Laboratory (BRAIR Lab) is a research group at the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. It’s part of the Soft Robotics Area.

2) What kind of research do you conduct?

At the BRAIR Lab we do applied research in BioRobotics, implementing brain-inspired models for motor control, sensorimotor coordination, and cognition in autonomous robots – humanoids, soft and rigid manipulators, plantoids – with the double aim of producing novel solutions and generate new fundamental knowledge.

3) Can I visit the BRAIR Lab?

Sure! You can visit us at the BioRobotics Institute, just a stone’s throw from the Piaggio Museum of Pontedera (PI), easily accessible by train from Pisa and Florence. Our researchers will be happy to tell you about our lab activities and show you around the institute. See you soon!

4) How can I collaborate with your researchers?

At the BRAIR Lab we believe that the collaboration between complementary groups of people with a clear common objective is the key to scientific and technological advancement. For this we are always keen to evaluate the possibility of contributing to projects in line with our research. If you are a researcher, a private, or a company, you can request a collaboration or an informal colloquium directly contacting our researchers (see section People) and our PI Dr. Egidio Falotico.

5) How can I join the BRAIR Lab?

If you are a university student or have a background in Engineering, Computer Science, Neuroscience, or similar subjects and you would like to contribute to our research projects there are several possibilities (Thesis projects, PhD in BioRobotics, Post-Doc, collaborator).

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