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Assistive Biorobotics Joint Lab

Joint Lab beetwen The BioRobotics Institute (Sant'Anna School) and the Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Florence
Team di ricerca Assistive Robotics

The Laboratory carries out the following research topics

  • Designing, developing and testing robotic systems and devices, including implantable ones, aimed at biomedical applications, such as monitoring, diagnosis, therapeutic, surgical and rehabilitation interventions, assistance, structural or functional replacement of organs or biological functions of a sensory, motor or metabolic nature;
  • develop and validate innovative social and service robotics solutions with special emphasis on human-machine interaction and collaboration;
  • to develop data analysis algorithms based on advanced multivariate techniques for the study of physiological correlates in the investigation of the human-robot relationship
  • develop and test intelligent systems for data and image acquisition and processing, for monitoring, diagnosis and in general for clinical decision support;
  • develop multi-platform interfaces on mobile systems for remote control;
  • develop and validate new sensory systems, including wearable ones, for chronic diseases and, in particular, for neurodegenerative diseases, focusing on prevention and support in cases of decline in motor and cognitive abilities
  • develop and validate bio-inspired robotic systems, through the use of innovative materials, 3D printing techniques and new control approaches based on artificial intelligence;
  • identify solutions to improve the quality of life and safety of citizens and in particular workers in Industry 4.0 contexts;
  • develop and validate Reverse Engineering systems for the integration and interaction of devices with end users.